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Welcome to NECON's IM Safe and Well Registry

NECON's IM Safe and Well Registry & Family Unification system allows you to update your profile in the Registry, such as Messages and Authorized Contacts.

The purpose of the "IM Safe and Well Registry" is to provide a secure, electronic web and mobile emergency contact registry system and family member's locator system, for displaced persons during a disaster and the days following. The Registry was created so friends and family can locate and receive important information, and updates about their loved ones in real time. This update message could include a short message on where they are located i.e. shelter; who is with them; and if they are safe and well.

To protect the displaced person information, they will enter emergency contact information for only those friends and family members they want to be able to locate them, and in the case you are unable to communicate, emergency first responders will locate your next of kin. The items marked with an ( * ) are required items on the IM Safe and Well Registry. If you have any additional questions please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or Need Help Signing in?
You control who you want notified in case of an emergency or to search the Registry to view your personal message.
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Register now to receive text messages with important disaster preparedness information before during and after a disaster...
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Equipped with Android-based tablet computers, HELP volunteers can register an individual in under one minute with a picture or and video...
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Serves to send text messages directly to homeless families and an individual’s mobile phone (via a NECON sponsored cell phone) ...
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